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Medical Equipment

The purpose of the echocardiogram (ECG) test is to check for problems with the electrical activity of your heart. We carry an endless selection of EKG machines from recognized medical equipment brands including Burdick, Biocare, Cardiovit, GE and Schiller.

There are many different methods of measuring blood pressure like the non-invasive method, palpation method and the auscultatory method, that is why All Care Medical Sales offers a variety of blood pressure machines and accessories including wall stations, blood pressure monitors and cuff sphygmomanometers from industry leading brands like Heine, Multikuf, infinitum, Critikon, Diagnostix and Aneroid. We strive to provide doctor’s offices and hospitals with the best quality used medical equipment and new medical equipment in the industry. Let one of our sales experts match you with the most affordable used blood pressure machines and new blood pressure machines.

All Care Medical Sales carries a variety of EKG accessories. Some of the EKG accessories we carry include clamp electrodes with AG/AgCI sensors, suction chest electrodes in AG/AgCI, cable adapters, electrode adaptors and lead wires.  

A colposcope is an extremely useful tool in identifying any feminine issues by allowing doctors to check to for any health concerns within a woman’s body, so they can properly treat them. The Coloscope has become an essential piece of medical equipment in any gynecological office. All Care Medical offers a variety of Colposcope brands like Wallach, Sieler, Cooper, Welch, Liesegang and Carl Zeiss. 

Audiometers are a great addition to any doctor’s office or hospital in Florida. here at All Care Medical Sales we have an endless selection of used audiometers and new audiometers. Some of the many audiometer models we carry include the Welch Allyn audiometer, the Vintage Zenith hearing audiometer, the welch allyn AM 282 manual audiometer and the Welch Allyn audiopath audiometry. for a more detailed selection of all the audiometer models or any other inquiries regarding any of our affordable used medical equipment or new medical equipment contact us and one of our affordable medical equipment sales representatives will be glad to assist you.

A dopplers is an essential piece of equipment used to check the blood flow around different areas of a baby’s body through the umbilical cord. It is an excellent tool to find out whether or not the baby is receiving enough oxygen and nutrients through the placenta. Our selection of dopplers include Summit Doppler LifeDop 250 ABI Doppler Systems, EDAN SonoTrax Vascular Doppler 8Mhz, EDAN sonotraz ultrasonic monitor and Nicolet Elite 100 doppler non digital displays.

In Florida bladder scanners help monitor the volume of bladder in patients in order to prevent any issues. Here at All Care Medical Sales we understand that bladder scanners are an essential part of medical equipment no doctor’s office or hospital should be without, that is why we carry an extensive selection of used bladder scanners and new bladder scanners from industry leading brands including Carson, FloPoint and Verathon.

EKG/ECG machines are essential equipments used to check electrical activity of the heart and chart the electrical activity of the heart.  Our selection of EKG/ ECG include Biocare, Bionet, Burdick, CARDIOVIT, GE, Mortara, Quinton, Schiller, Sonosite, Spacelabs, Welch, EDAN, Siemens, and Hewlett.

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