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Medical Equipment

Cosmetic Lasers are used for removing skin imperfections like wrinkles, skin pigments, varicose veins and moles. The use of cosmetic lasers has risen in the last few years in Florida, making an essential piece of medical equipment. Palomar, Reliant, Sciton, DTS, Syneron, Sharpan, Syneron and Zimmer are among some of the used cosmetic lasers and new cosmetic lasers we have to offer here at All Care Medical Sales.


Cryosurgery machines are useful to remove moles, warts, or other skin tags or any other abnormal tissue a patient may want to get rid off by exposing the affected area to extreme cold. All Care Medical Sales is your premium stop for all used cryosurgical or new cryosurgical units and our sales teams is ready to match you the best option for used cryosurgery or new cryosurgery machines.

Cosmetic equipment is used to help patients remove facial flaws. Illuminators, dermatoscopy sets, ultrasound facial machines and therapy lights and imaging systems are among some of the most popular cosmetic medical equipment available. Our medical equipment experts are available to match you with affordable used Cosmetic equipment and new cosmetic equipment.

Light sources are used for the light therapy using artificial light that is at specific wavelengths that simulates natural light. Some of our new and used medical equipment brands include Brite Lite, Hawkeye, Maxenon, Olympus, and, Stryker. These products can be distributed throughout Florida. 

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